Billy Meier released a handful of 8mm, and Super-8mm, films of alleged extra-terrestrial spaceships in the 1970s and 1980s. It is important to understand that the Meier films have never been transferred to video properly.

The most basic way to transfer film to video is to hook up a film projector and a video camera together.

The best way to transfer film to video is to go into a professional film to video telecine transfer bay. The Meier films were not even transferred in the most basic way.  Here is what happened…

The film was not sent to a professional facility for a professional film to tape transfer to be made. A Japanese television company came to Meier’s house (btw, this is not Meier’s house)…

And Meier projected the films onto a movie screen in his house. Again, this is not Meier’s house…

And then the Japanese television crew videotaped the films as they were being projected onto the screen in Meier’s house. This is not the Japanese television crew.

Because the Japanese television crew was videotaping a projection of the 8mm films on a screen the footage is never in focus. Also, there are numerous camera moves that the television crew did which further distort the content of the original Meier films. I have personally offered to pay for new High Definition Video transfers of the Meier films, but so far Meier and his supporters have been unable, or unwilling, to provide the original films for a professional transfer to be made.

Here are a couple of examples how the non-professional transfers of the Meier movies have led his supporters to make claims concerning the movies which are invalid.


Meier and his supporters say that one of the films shows that the object cannot be a model because it goes behind a hill in the distance.

“The craft had eased itself over to the left and downward until it was partially obscured by the brow of the hill.”

“The film…shows the object dipping behind the hill.”
Michael Horn - 2006

Here is that film:

Here is the same film magnified by 400%:

Because the quality of the film is so poor there is no way that Meier and his supporters can say that the object goes behind the hill. Only a professional transfer of the film would be able to determine that. So, does this film prove that the object is large and in the distance because it goes behind the hill? No. Does this film prove that the object is small and in front of the hill? No. The film is too poor in quality to make any determination at all.


In one of Meier’s films the object appears to be in two places at the same time. Meier and his followers have stated that this is due to the ability of the object to travel so fast as to appear to be in two separate places on one frame of film.

“This suggests that the jump occurred early in the small time interval that the movie frame was exposed.”

Here is the film:

Forgive me, but this is going to get rather technical.

How Film Is Transferred To Standard Definition Video:
• Film is recorded at 24 frames per second.
• Standard Definition Video is recorded at 30 frames per second.
• There are 2 video fields that make up each video frame.
• In order to keep the same running time, 6 frames of film need to be ADDED to every
second of the videotape.

Basically every 4 frames of film needs to become 5 frames of video. This is done by duplicating some film frames onto two different video fields of the same video frame. This causes some video frames to actually contain 2 different film frames. This is called interlacing.

This image contains both fields of the video frame. As you can see the object appears at the top of the frame and at the bottom of the frame.

This image contains field 1 of the video frame. As you can see the object now only appears at the top.

This image contains field 2 of the video frame. As you can see the object now appears at the bottom. This is exactly what you would expect to see when transferring film to video.

It is merely a coincidence that this double image happens at the same time the object changes position. This double image was most likely caused by stopping the camera and then changing the object’s position.

Meier and his supporters have spent a considerable amount of time and energy theorizing on the properties of the object because it could be seen to be in two places at the same time, but all of this time and energy has been wasted because they simply didn’t know how film is transferred to video. There was nothing supernatural, nor extraterrestrial, about it.

There is a chance that this explanation may be incorrect, but until the films are properly transferred there is no way to know for certain. As I mentioned before, I am willing to personally pay for properly conducted high definition transfers of the Meier films.


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