As I have described here, the 8mm and Super-8mm movies taken by Billy Meier in the 1970s/1980s have never been professionally transferred to video. At several points throughout the years I have asked Lee Elders, Michael Horn, and FIGU for the opportunity to pay for professional High Definition transfers of the original movies. Lee Elders and Michael Horn have said that they have no idea if the original movies even exist any longer and FIGU has never responded to my inquiries.

I work professionally as a Post Production Producer in Hollywood on various television shows. You can read about my professional work history here. There is a facility called Pro8mm that has the ability to create High Definition Film Scans of 8mm and Super-8mm movies. I am willing to pay the full cost of scanning the movies to two hard drives. One hard drive will be for Meier, or his associates, to use however they wish. The second hard drive will be for me to use to analyze the movies.

I can understand the reluctance that Meier, and his associates, might have in releasing the original movies to me, but I don’t have to ever come into contact with the movies. They can be given to an associate of his who can meet me at Pro8mm for the transfer session. I am not looking to manipulate or distort the movies to prove any preconceived of point of view. I simply want to have properly conducted, professional transfers of the original movies done so that we can see them how they were supposed to be seen. NO ONE has ever seen the movies as they were originally shot, unless they were watching Billy Meier project them in his house. All of the various analyses that have been conducted on the movies are basically worthless because the analysis was done using faulty and unprofessional transfers.

Will Billy Meier allow me to pay whatever it costs to finally have professional High Definition transfers of his original 8mm and Super-8mm movies created? I don’t know, but unless he does then he, and his associates, need to stop making claims about what the movies represent, or demonstrate, about the alleged extra-terrestrial nature of the “UFOs” appearing in them.


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