The Billy Meier Case is one of the most famous, and most controversial, UFO contactee cases in modern UFOlogy. Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier claims to have been in contact with "extra-terrestrial humans" since he was five years old. Now in his seventies, he claims to still be in regular contact with these "extra-terrestrial humans" whom he calls "The Plejarans". Throughout the years he has presented various forms of evidence to support his claims of extra-terrestrial contact.

Most UFO researchers do not feel that the claims of Billy Meier are supported by the evidence, and many have described the case as a hoax. However, until Billy Meier personally reveals that he has perpetrated a hoax we can only present evidence that demonstrates how his claims can be created through non-extra-terrestrial means.

Derek Bartholomaus became involved in the case in 2003 when he was a member of the Independent Investigations Group. This website is dedicated to publishing his research into the Billy Meier UFO Case. If you have any questions about the material presented on this website you can contact Derek Bartholomaus by sending an email to






NOTE: There have been many researchers who have looked into the Billy Meier UFO Case over the years. In some places my research is based on their previous work and in some places my findings were derived of independently. I have cited the work of others wherever I have knowingly used it.


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