Billy Meier claims to have made a recording in July 1980 of the sounds generated by his extra-terrestrial contact’s spacecraft. Here is that sound.

Billy Meier’s supporters have made claims regarding the sounds that they believe prove that the sounds are of unearthly origin. You can read the analysis of those claims here.

One question has remained though. What is making that sound?

Over the years there have been several suggested possibilities, including:

•          Audio recording of Hollywood sound effects.
•          Electronic oscillator or synthesizer.
•          Amplifier feedback played back through a tape delay.

Thanks to the work done by Phil Langdon we now know exactly what made the “spacecraft” sound.

Phil has accurately recreated Billy Meier’s Type 1, Type 2, Type 4, and Wedding Cake UFO models and has provided the instructions on how to make them.

One day Phil was setting up to take pictures of the Type 1 UFO Model. The basic set up is that a fishing line is tied horizontally tightly between two trees and then the model is attached by another fishing, vertically, to the horizontal fishing line. It was a pleasant day with a light, but constant breeze. As he was setting up his camera he started to hear a strange, but familiar, sound emanating from the Type 1 UFO Model. It was exactly the same type of sound that Billy Meier has promoted as the sound of his extra-terrestrial contact’s spacecraft.

It turns out that the fishing line and model are engaging in “Acoustic Resonance.”

Acoustic Resonance is what stringed musical instruments use to create their sounds. For example, a violin string is vibrated and the vibration is picked up by the hollow body of the violin and amplified acoustically. That is exactly what is happening with the Billy Meier UFO Models. The wind is vibrating the horizontal fishing line and the vibration is picked up by the hollow body of the UFO model and amplified. Phil discovered that this acoustic resonance works with the Type 1, Type 2, and Type 4 UFO Models.

Here is a demonstration of the audio using the Type 1 UFO Model:

Here is Phil Langdon explaining how the process works, using the Type 4 UFO Model:

It is easy to imagine Billy Meier being surprised one day when this strange sound started to emanate from his UFO when he was setting up to take his photographs in the 1970s and thinking that this could be used as another bit of “evidence” to try and convince people that he was in contact with extra-terrestrials. It also shows how accurate Phil Langdon’s recreations are because he was able to discover the answer to a long wondered question about the Billy Meier UFO Case entirely by accident.

Billy Meier claims that the audio recording he made in 1980 was of his extra-terrestrial contact’s spacecraft. In a way, he is correct. The sound is coming from the UFO. However, the UFO is not an extra-terrestrial spacecraft. It is of entirely terrestrial origin, and it is only about 8 inches in diameter.



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